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Removable Partial Dentures

Dr. Ashpole offers Removable Partial Dentures for areas of your mouth with teeth which have been lost or extracted. Dentures provide an easily removable replacement that can be fashioned to look very much like your natural teeth.

New advancements in dentistry have led dentures to become more comfortable and fitted to your gum. Dr. Ashpole and dental laboratory specialists will carefully position the denture, and construct it so that it fits properly on your gum and against your other teeth when you bite down.


New technology has allowed dental practitioners to make new improvements in the construction of dentures. “Neuromuscularly” fit dentures are slightly more expensive, but are more carefully fitted to your mouth. Their design takes into account the way that your jaw moves, and the structure of your jaw and muscle tissue. A more extensive exam is needed for this variety of denture.

After your initial exam, and a consultation determining that dentures are the best option, Dr. Ashpole will take an impression of your gum or teeth using a wax substance. This mold allows her to determine the dimensions and the optimal position for the denture. Next, a temporary denture is constructed in a dental laboratory.

After the initial denture is constructed, it is fitted to your mouth, allowing you and your practitioner to determine any size or color modifications that need to be made for the final denture.

A description of these changes then accompanies the temporary denture back to a dental laboratory where the final denture is made.



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